In The Light

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I was going to title this post “Beauty and the Beast” because of the pain flare I have had the past couple of days coupled with fantastic weather showcasing the glory of nature.  But the light won out.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and had good news! My blood pressure is under control and I don’t have to take any prescription meds … I’ve been taking the herbal remedy called Rawolfia and it’s working. But off and on starting on Friday I felt that old headache feeling … the kind that usually come with thunderstorms but we only have some chance of that type of weather and nothing actually happening.

The headache is more of a constant pressure that I can’t get away from and it’s dull and strong enough to be nauseating.  But I muster through the day, doing most of what I set out to do, and resting when I can. Peppermint essential oil does help with some of the pain and also the nausea and so does plain old Bayer Aspirin.

I’m grateful for nature’s diversion from the pain (the beast).  For at least a moment, my breath is taken away with the play of light on God’s creations (the beauty).

This too shall pass and I’m thankful that I noticed the beauty and that the beastly pain will have an end as well.  I’m thankful to live in the light.

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