Inspiration in Nature


Light and the Iris … no special filter or background manipulation, this is just how these pictures turn out … the bright morning light actually blurs out everything else. It reminds me of when we die and step in front of The Light (God) … everything else will be a blur and it will just be us … our beauty and our flaws.


Water and the Rocks … I love the natural rocks in our area; rocks left behind by an ancient glacier … normally they look rather regular and gray but when it rains, their color and uniqueness shows through. This reminds me of all the times of sorrow in our lives, those times are tough to get through but can be the source of great future strength; adding dimension, color and wisdom.


The Spring Garden in Full Flower … only a short few weeks earlier, everything was dull and barren but now it is verdant.  I love seeing the renewal, a reminder that God can make all things new.


A Garden Stone – This stone was given to me by a friend and reminds me that God is always with me … and in a special way, He is there in tough times, even though I may not perceive it at the moment.


Another sign of renewal, the butterfly. Born first as a worm, dying in some sense in the cocoon, reminding me of a tomb, but then emerging to new life perfected.

DSC_0402 DSC_0384

The Poppy … paper thin, fragile but sitting on a strong stem… it makes it stunning show of orange in the garden. I love orange … it’s my favorite color …. sunsets, campfires and poppies!DSC_0389

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