Nose to the Grindstone

It’s been a busy week filled with creative developments … but it’s finally paying off … I’m delivering my life purpose of helping animals and helping people in a huge way!

The Unveiling … here are my two new logos … click on either logo to see the corresponding websites!

Full Stride is a program to help horses and people experience a stress-free partnership.


Answers With Animals is problem-solving coaching for people using animal archetypes.


I launched Answers With Animals today! And FULL STRIDE – Expand Your and Your Horses Comfort Zones this past Tuesday …
FULL STRIDE is a 4-week course delving deep into expanding your and your horses comfort zones, filled with rich horse savvy and science-based content each week for less than $25 a lesson. Course details are at http://www.FullStride.Info – Note: Course Bonuses are available until Monday June 1, 2015. Course begins Thursday June 4, 2015.

Topic: Miracle In The Saddle – One-hour teleconference to explore fear, courage, and safety in the saddle. When: Tuesday May 26, 2015

Presenter: Rebecca Cook OTR, HPCS, LMT and PATH Riding and Driving Instructor and Equine Specialist In Mental Health and Learning.

Why: You’re aware of the power of the horse … for better and for worse. The horse is a flight animal, wired to run first and think second … if it can’t escape, then it will turn to “fight” behaviors. But you can’t risk getting hurt because people count on you to be there.

What: On the call we covered …

  • ¬†Science – what fear does to your body (and horses too) covering the Amygdala, the Vagus Nerve and the Fight/Flight Response
  • Horse Psychology – the exacerbating connection between you, your horse, and fear (Horse as a herd animal, in the here and now, reacts more to sensation rather than thoughts like humans do)
  • Stress Management – the one thing you can do to immediately minimize the effects of fear and enable courage (hint – it works even better in the saddle!) Diaphragmatic Breath and Muscle Relaxation
  • Practical Advice and Experience – actually learn exercises and education in this class that are readily applicable in and out of the saddle – Ideal Horse Meditation and discovering the gaps between your current horse and your ideal horse so you can problem solve training and safety

    Receive a free recording of the May 26th Miracle In The Saddle call with your registration in FULL STRIDE!

As you can tell, I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone and these creations are beginning to unfold!


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