Yes, this a real plant. Even nature grows in tangles. What’s the definition of tangle?

Tangle can be used as both a noun or a verb – it can be a thing or an action. As a thing, a tangle is a confused situation or intertwined thing. As an action, a tangle is something that obstructs, twists, overgrows, or is a conflict.

But maybe, we can also create a new word definition style – how about a t-angle … the “t” is the vertical piece of tangle – looking up on the bright side, inspiration. And the horizontal crossing your “t” is the looking at the practical side, at the details. And the “angle” of t-angle … that would be your focus – the angle you look at things.

What do I mean?

Focus on Weeds

T-angle, what is your focus?

Thoughts can cause a tangle for people. Notice the picture above and the one below. They are pictures of the same thing but with a different focus – a slightly different angle. In the picture above, the focus is on the weeds – which is fine if you’re in need of weed pulling (the horizontal part of the “t”)!  But if all you see is weeds, you’ll miss the beauty of the garden around you (the vertical piece of the “t”). Look again at the pictures. Notice the orange tulips in the bottom picture, recently touched by morning rain; aren’t they just amazingly beautiful?

Focus on Tulips

How do you look at t-angles in your life? Where would it benefit you to change your focus?

Do you need to weed things out? Or do you need to appreciate the beauty that is already in the world?

Or maybe a bit of both is the answer to master the t-angle!

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