What is freedom to you? Being outside the containing quarantine of a fence?


The opportunity to move about at night and not be on a restrictive curfew?


Or maybe the chance to lay on your back, look up at the clouds and dream!


Freedom is all of those things plus more. It’s the opportunity to be out in and experience the magical feelings of awe in the nature around us.


It’s the ability to stand out from the rest and be beautiful and appreciated.


And freedom is the ability to express ourself in art, pursue learning and discover the complexity of God’s creation around us.  Just look at the fractal pattern of this tulip … 3 outer petals, 3 inner petals, 6 stamen, 3 black stripes, the triangle pattern repeated in the yellow center.  Wow!

I’m so grateful for all my freedoms … the ability to move about whenever I want, the mind to learn and dream, the spirit to appreciate and give thanks.  Each builds on the other. If you take away a person’s ability to move about, you also impact their learning, dreaming, and appreciating.

It’s so interconnected. And not to be taken for granted. Freedom comes with responsibility … to remain free, we have to love and respect each other.

I’ve come to believe the wisest, most just, and simplest way to love is to love as God loves us. What about you? What freedom’s are you thankful for and how do you propose being able to keep your freedoms in a way that does not trample on others?

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