Push or Pull

Steve Jobs Quote

I totally get this quote …

I’ve been a national speaker multiple times, currently have 7 books on Amazon and my research has been published internationally …

Public speaking and writing for publication should have been impossible for me. Why? I’m extremely shy and introverted, my heart races and I get tongue tied in front of people, english class was my worst subject in school and research is something people with Master’s and Doctorate degrees do – not someone who has a Bachelor’s degree …

BUT, I was pulled by the love of what I do. I saw a gap that needed to be filled, waited years for other’s to fill it, became frustrated when no one did, and then I stepped up and was pulled by my vision to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

And I thank God that I was able to leave this positive contribution to the world … or at least to the world of those who are involved with horses, therapy and hippotherapy.  What about you? What “should” be impossible for you but your heart’s vision is pulling at you? Are you willing to move forward to bridge the gap too?!


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