Earth Day or April Fools on Global Warming?


Today is Earth Day, the picture above was taken a couple of days ago when it was in the 60’s and sunny but today it’s blustery and snowing …

Flowers in Snow

The horses enjoying the sun earlier in the week …

Nicci Horse drinking horses eating

And today, on Earth Day they are braving a snow storm …

Horses in Snow

I live in an area of Michigan that was once covered with glaciers. I’m grateful for the global warming trends of the past, it’s why I can live where I am today.

Nature has it’s cycles, it’s natural cycles of warming and cooling. Climate change has been happening for eons. Those of us who live in rural areas have seen natures cyclic changes in animal populations and weather forecasts and we adapt to them.

Believe me, I’m against industrial pollution and the toxic bombs used in war. Those things kill our beautiful and awesome natural areas that we are suppose to protect. But it’s gone to far when some politicians claim our breathing is damaging the environment or that a wood burning stove is outlawed.  Volcano’s will erupt, forest fires will happen after a lightening strike, and animals will fart.  It’s just nature and nature can handle that.

Pond Monster

It’s Earth Day and I bet you never stopped to contemplate how the acts and actors in nature can seem “cruel” … the monster snapping turtle sunning itself on the log in the swamp will eat any adorable ducklings that happen to be born nearby. I kind of like adorable ducklings and nature’s survival of the fittest thing doesn’t seem fair at times.


As complex and changeable as nature is, it’s still awesome and beautiful.  The sun shines through the storm.  Global warming and snow on Earth Day … nature’s April Fools?

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