Mind in the Sky

Clouds and Sun

I like to understand what happens when I receive and give bodywork sessions. Why are there “hard spots” in the body that seem key to relieving pain? Why does the release of those spots trigger thoughts or emotions to come forward in some people who are aware enough to pay attention and notice them? My mind has been thinking lofty thoughts, so heck, even though they are only theories why not share them with you!

I have a theory about what I feel in bodywork sessions (I don’t do Reiki though) – but it has to do with the electromagnetic field of the body … here’s the backdrop … any where electricity flows – thru a lamp cord or through our spinal cord or through chemical processes in our cells, then an electromagnetic field is produced. An electromagnetic field is measurable. If an area of the body is traumatized and if there is inflammation (increased activity in nerves and cells), then it would make sense there would be an increased electromagnetic field around that area. If an area of the body is traumatized and there is a tightening restricted area that compresses nerves or decreases cellular activity, then it makes sense there would be a decreased electromagnetic field in that area of the body. I think we have the ability to tune in our sensory perception and feel that with practice … at least that’s the background of my theory!

This is what we know: Electromagnetic waves have different wavelengths; different tissues of the body (muscle, fascia, bone) are at different densities/ frequencies and produce different electromagnetic energy such as bone producing light; engrams produce electromagnetic energy by their very definition as a neuromuscular loop. What I’m curious about – emotions – where do they lay on the electromagnetic spectrum – they produce electromagnetic fields that, with training, we can actually feel during treatment – does the fascial tightening (fascia is piezoelectric and produces electricity under pressure), neuromuscular innervations and chemical hormonal reactions of rage for example, that are each producers of electromagnetic energy always present as a certain “rage” wavelength. Another thing I’m curious about is how far our human body sends electromagnetic waves out into space … inches, feet, miles, thousands of miles? We know we can turn on TV or a radio and get a signal from those electromagnetic waves … but what about our body … and if we send out our wavelength energy miles, how much does that drain us – can that be a source of chronic fatigue and pain?

Hard spots in the body – what are we feeling? And when they release why does it seem like there is also the information of a memory or emotion with it? Modern physics may hold a clue! It boils down to integrating dualities – in particular particles (matter) and waves (energy) – until the double slit experiment, those were thought of as dualities – one OR the other but waves can act like particles – energy can act like matter! This is what I’m referring to as us feeling the hard spot – it feels like matter but is it actually trapped energy? Can energy be “trapped” and act “matter like?” Check this out! Scientists have frozen light – yes, I know, you’d think only matter can be frozen but they have actually done it – they have frozen electromagnetic energy … “And they proved the accomplishment by storing — and then successfully retrieving — information in the form of a 100-micrometer-long picture with three horizontal stripes on it.”  … So do you think that hard spots are frozen energy in the body with stored information that is retrievable when it is unfrozen?!!!

Well, there you go, my mind is in the sky trying to figure out all the complexities of God’s great creation. Do you have any thoughts about these musings? I’d love to hear more!


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