Is Venus a Diversion?

March 22, 2015

The moon and Venus Sunday night.

Is Venus a diversion?

What is a diversion?

A diversion is something that allows you to temporarily escape your connection with reality.  You disconnect from the here and now via video, internet, alcohol, drugs, food or ________________ (insert your favorite diversion here). We engage in diversions because, in some way, they help relieve stress.

The opposite side of the stress relief coin from diversion is recreation. Recreation is the opposite because, instead of disconnecting from the present moment, you totally immerse yourself into being present in the moment via hobbies, exercise, sports or ___________________ (insert your favorite recreation here).

When I looked up at the sky Sunday night I was in awe, the stars dotted the sky, the crescent moon was glowing and Venus was brightly shining. I had to capture the moment with a picture to savor the scene. I was totally present and felt thankful.  Do you know how to tell if the moon is increasing or decreasing? Just put a line on the points and if the line forms a “b” then the moon is being born (increasing), if the line forms a “d” then the moon is dying (decreasing).

And that’s the different between diversions and recreation. Both relieve stress in the moment but you often feel guilt or shame or like you wasted your time after engaging in diversions. But the afterglow of recreation is generally satisfaction, gratitude and a desire to share.

So, was Venus a diversion? No, it was actually exactly the opposite!

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