Signs of Spring


Spring is coming soon! Tomorrow actually. And there are many signs of Spring around ….

An obvious sign is the snow is gone and the road is closed due to melt, mud, and a sink hole around a water culvert.


Signs of Spring

The frost left the ground and the miniature lakes in the fields have disappeared.

A flock of Redwing Blackbirds are singing loudly in the lilac bushes.

A random Robin is at the bird feeder.

We heard frogs a couple of nights ago.

The night insect sounds are not back yet but we saw a quiet moth flying around.

The grass is showing green and daffodils are peeking through the ground.

The Sandhill Cranes are back. (By the way, the Sandhill Crane Winery is a nice place to visit year round in our area.)

The fox and coyote are running in pairs.

Swans are flying overhead towards the northwest. I saw 3 Mute Swans and 58 Trumpeter Swans … you can tell the difference because of the distinctive voice. The mute swans also have the orange beaks, are not native to our Michigan area and our DNR considers them an invasive species – so it was nice to see so many of our native black beaked noisy trumpeter swans in formation.

What are the signs of Spring that you notice in your area?


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