Burning Thru the Fog


It’s March in Michigan and the temperatures are ranging from the teens to near 60. Wild swings. We still have snow on the ground and now mud and ice too.

A couple of days ago there was a heavy fog in the morning. But the rising sun was burning through the fog in a beautiful orange color.

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate and notice the joy in a morning sunrise when there seems like a dense fog is covering life.

I’ve been there and could be there again I suppose. I hope not though. Actually, more than “hope” not, I’m taking action too.

I’m participating in life through photography, horses, visiting my mom and dad every week, taking daily walks with my husband, and doing the best to heal my body naturally with bodywork and essential oils plus other supports.

The biggest strategy for me and tip for you, if you experience that density, drudgery, fog type of feeling … do one small thing, take one small step … an inner voice may tell you that it won’t change anything – silence it – because it will change everything!

The step I take is usually centered around “what’s bothering me” … a dirty floor … I sweep it, maybe I just sweep the living room … a cluttered shelf … I reorganize it.  Just one thing. Tomorrow, you can do another “one thing” and it does add up … and it will be like that sunrise and burn through the fog.

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