Sunrise in the winter is beautiful – particularly when there is a “sun” rise (i.e. the gray clouds aren’t hiding it).


It’s a frosty morning and I snap a picture of the grapevines on the split rail fence. The oranges and yellows of the light create a lovely warmth. But two steps down the driveway, I snap a second picture of the split rail fence.  The colors of these pictures have not been altered but notice the contrast! This second picture is like a black and white photo, sun and shadow, interesting but not exuding the warmth like the picture above, almost formed like the Tao sign.


A nearly identical moment in time, literally just a split second and two steps apart but an entirely different viewpoint emerges. I wonder how often we take the time to look at all the vantage points of the moments of our life? Time or distance, possibly just around the turn, we may see a contrasting view that gives us a whole new set of information to ponder and consider.

Looking back and thinking about the emotions I feel, both of those pictures are lovely but my preference is facing the light, the oranges and yellows warming a cold scene. What about you? Do you have a preference?


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