Dark and Light, Cold and Heat

snow and frost

On those really cold dark days in January, it’s delightful to feel the warm sun again and to take in the awe of the “diamonds” in the snow as the light shines. During this time of year, I tend to be on social media more … I guess it’s better than totally hibernating.

And one post on Facebook caught my attention – it was something like this “let’s settle this God thing once and for all” – the person then goes on in a tangential and loosely associated way to highlight the discrepancies and evil in the world.

I’ve heard this argument before as proof against the existence of a good God but this time I felt compelled to write some of my own observations …

“Dark is the absence of light.

Cold is the absence of heat.

Evil is the absence of God.

Right now, while living on earth there’s a choice and so some choose the absence of God and that’s all that’s needed for evil to exist.”

I guess the real misunderstanding is choice. How much God honors choice. How what we choose can be good or can be evil. When we choose good, we are actually choosing God. And when we reject choosing good, we are turning away from God. It goes all the way back to Genesis and the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit … don’t know the story? Check it out in the beginning of the Bible.

That tree was knowledge of good and evil – since Adam and Eve already knew God – they knew good … why would they ever want to “know” evil? Why would they eat of that fruit?  Because they were deceived into thinking that they were missing out on something and they wanted to be like God. And the rest is history, they were given the freedom to make that choice and they choose to know evil and evil entered in.

Just think of how we (societies) define good and evil … think of the very first relationship you had – the mother and child relationship – how integral that is to our health and happiness. And now think how mothers are killing their children because of inconvenience or bad timing and it’s called “good.” And think of how children are killing their parents because of use of resources and finances and it’s called “mercy.”

Abortion and Euthanasia are two areas where evil has been defined as good and merciful. If we have absorbed this mentality we can kill a family member, what is to stop that philosophy from spreading into the schools and societies where one person kills another because they judge them as an obstacle to their happiness.

We need a guide to discern what is good, we need God’s help. The existence of evil is not proof there is no God, it is proof we are not “gods” and we are not making good choices.

I like the saying “Start where you’re at” … dark is the absence of light but there are many areas of gray where there is some light, allow the talents of your light to shine.  Cold is the absence of heat and there are many degrees between absolute zero and the hottest temperature (whatever that is), carry around a warm heart.  And evil is the absence of God and there are many gray areas and degrees of good, search earnestly to find ways to develop an informed conscience so the greater good will break through the dark and cold in this world.


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