Probability to Possibility


My husband and I traditionally go to church Saturday evenings, but sometimes napping or other such commitments make the decision for us to go on Sunday.

I like to plan my day ahead and so I asked my husband if we were going to church tonight as usual and he said, “Probably.”  I immediately came back and said, “How can we turn probably to possibly?” From something that might happen, to something that is planned to happen.

Flash … Inspiration … That’s “IT” – the I and T of “it” stands for Inspired Thinking!  In life pursuits or in business, how do we take something that has probability – some interest or skill or desire we have that’s just there – and develop it or channel it to open and create possibilities in our lives?

How do we move from probability to possibility? I would say first that we must recognize those inherent interests, desires and gifted areas – do you know of a “p” word that meets that definition?

Humm – “p” words – planning, persuasion, persistence, perseverance, pursuits, passion, purpose …

Awareness = Panning – like panning for gold or panning the horizon to look at the vast vista of whats out there … well, that might not be totally the right word, but it’s a start – bringing the wisp of probability into a better and more substantial view.

After panning, sort through all those desires and strengths of yours – any themes arise? Any combinations that pique your joy button or get you daydreaming? Our passions and purposes are meant to serve the world, while serving us too! So after panning, step 2 could be to “pick” a dream.

And step 3 would be planning. There will always be gaps that we need to fill in to move towards our dreams. So what plans come to mind that can fill those gaps? Education, training, mentoring, volunteering, practice … hey wait, that’s the next “p” word … this is flowing – so cool!

Step 4 would be to take action – to put into practice that part of the plan that we are in a position to implement.

OMG position – yes – and positioning yourself that way, leads to new found possibilities. God is the creator of our lives but He wants us to be co-creator’s of how it unfolds. I guess that’s why we are em-powered with passion and purpose towards certain pursuits. And maybe it’s time to move from probability to possibility.

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