There’s a lot of happiness research out there thanks to the new trend in psychology. I’ve read or heard about scientific studies that prove the benefits of practicing gratitude…

  • Promoting a stronger immune system
  • Helping to cope with stress and depression
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Nurturing the heart by reducing negative feelings like anger, bitterness and greed
  • Helping with better sleep

I don’t want to under-emphasize the importance of and the tremendous value I’ve been gifted with from the precious people in my life but I tend to find peace, stress-relief and re-energizing in nature and around animals.  Thank you God, for placing these moments in the path of my life and thanks to the lens of the camera for capturing these brief snippets so they may be enjoyed for time to come.

dog hummer flower tulips flower viola horse sneeze horse grazing flower barn mist barn barn iris fall morning mist fall leaves barn cats landscape sun flower iris landscape

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