Fear and Freedom

Dizzy Sky Fear, Run, Dizzy, Can’t Focus, Hide, Can’t Think Straight, Breathless, Tense, Only One Thought ‘SURVIVE’

Hummer  Freedom from Fear, Freedom to Mosey, Inhaling Deeply, Taking Time to Just Be

Looking Up  Freedom to Look Up, Safe, Experiencing Awe and Feeling Gratitude, ‘Thank You God’

Looking Down    Freedom to Experience Life and Death in Natural Seasons and Rhythms

Ridged Rock  Freedom to Notice, Be Curious and Wonder, “What made those ridges in that rock”

Mushrooms  Freedom to Appreciate the Natural Colors and Textures in the World of Flora and Fauna and Fungus

Seasonal Gourds  Freedom of Choice to Celebrate a Variety of Seasons and Holidays in Simplicity or Complexity

Bittersweet Bittersweet Contemplating if Freedom could be Lost and Replaced with Fear


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