Defining Success

Poinson Oak  Poison Oak

Oak Leaves  Oak

Black Walnuts  Black Walnuts

Fall Raspberries Red Raspberries

Dandelion  Dandelion

Chickory  Chickory

I almost always find myself meditating in nature. So it wasn’t surprising, while taking random pictures of autumn beauty today, I reflected back to Tuesday evening.

Tuesday evening, I offered a free teleseminar on understanding and overcoming fears. For over 25 years I’ve been a therapist teaching healing and wellness skills in a 1:1 manner, but now seeing all the stress related diseases in people I love, I decided to start offering these private skills to a broader audience. To you!

I know fear itself is a very private topic that most people hide away inside, so it didn’t surprise me to have only a half dozen people register for the call and confirm they were coming. But what did surprise me was when only one person “showed up”.

I went on with that call as though I were talking to a large group, because in fact I was recording it for those who couldn’t make it, but the person attending revealed her soul and life history during the hour, so I’ve chosen to keep the recording private. I felt so energized after the call. I did it. I followed God’s calling of my purpose and I delivered.

That call, by many people’s standards would have been considered a failure, if you count by numbers anyway.  But in reality, then and now, it feels like a major success to me. That evening, I made a difference in someone’s life. Because of the information I spent hours and hours preparing and offered that evening, I believe someone’s life has changed for the better. And what better way to define success!

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