Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone! Initially Labor Day was instituted to celebrate our freedom in the USA – our freedom to protest unjustness and ask for it to be corrected: child labor, 16-hour work days, low wages, and unsafe working conditions. Through the help of labor unions, our work hours, wages, ages, and workplace health has been addressed! Thank you for that!

And those were the first few lines from my latest newsletter.

I oppose injustice but there’s a new type of injustice seen in the past 30 or so years … and it does have to do with labor unions and labor. My father worked in the automotive industry and was in the union but because of good work, he became a supervisor. My dad is a quiet gentle kind of man and a hard worker. I overheard many times, his lament about the unions protecting lazy “workers”. So much so, I still turn a dubious eye towards unions to this day.

Isn’t that sad? In the past, the unions were needed to solve a problem.  But employees are employed to give a fair day’s work and provide a product or a service. My father’s work was not an assembly line, it was an experimental automotive prototype plant. And his is not the only lament I’ve heard on this topic, I’ve heard a different family member complain about the laziness of his fellow employees in the electrical industry.

On another note, I have a highly sensitive personality and need frequent breaks in my work to decompress and at first I worked in a hospital setting as a therapist but the stress was nearly unbearable. I choose to work in private practice specifically because I could pace myself and take those needed breaks! As my own boss, I work on and off and put in over 80 hours each week in the various tasks of running a small business.

I wonder if someone watching me from the outside, noticing my taking breaks, would label me as “lazy”?


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