Image: Upnorth


Upnorth, I’ve heard, is a Michigan term. All the neighbors know what I mean when I say, “I’m going ‘upnorth’ for Memorial Day vacation.” Many of us Michiganders live in the south – southern Michigan that is and we vacation in the north – i.e. northern Michigan. My parents have had a cottage complete with an outhouse and a hand pump for water since the early 1960’s and I have 50 years of fond summer holiday memories from Mio, Michigan.

It’s 2014 and each year with my parents is a cherished gift. My father needs some memory prompts now but life is good. This picture of my mom and dad was taken yesterday. We went for a mile stroll down the road to a nearby pond adjacent to the Au Sable River, resting at a park table and then returning back to the cabin, tired from the hilly terrain but still in good form.

Yes, life is good. I treasure these peaceful moments lived out in a peaceful country. Was it by chance mom and dad are dressed in red, white, and blue? Maybe, maybe not, but thank you to all our warrior hero’s who have given their lives for our peace and safety. It’s Memorial Day weekend and we remember and we celebrate that gift you’ve given us.


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