Image: Essential Oils

Essential Oils

I’m drawn to natural healing modalities and holistic medications. So it’s no surprise I found essential oils; rather the surprise is how long it took me before I discovered them! It’s been one year now.

Originally I was researching for ways to help my father’s memory; that’s the way it always is for me, looking for ways to help someone else and then coming to fabulous new discoveries for myself! I bought Rosemary for my dad and the Balance blend oil (doTERRA) for both my dad and my mom (caretakers need support too).

Then my mom mentioned toenail fungus (over 30 years and no medical remedy worked) and I had her try Wild Orange and Melaleuca – guess what, it’s working! Not magically overnight, but it’s been a few months and it’s working!

Then my mom mentioned nerve and arthritis pain in her feet that was keeping her up at night and I gave her a sample of Deep Blue Rub. When I saw her next, she said she wanted to buy the Deep Blue – it had worked immediately and she was able to get to sleep!

Just yesterday, after all the physical symptom relief, I was surprised when I heard my mother say a friend of her’s talked about essential oils affecting the energy of the body. I’m not against the possibility or probability that is the case and I did say that. But I also replied that essential oils are plant based medicine, given to us from nature (and God), to support our health in many ways.

Unlike synthetic drugs that work quickly targeting one particular area, essential oils integrate slowly into our system and initiating a healing response from the entire body. The quick action of prescription or synthetic drugs is one of the causes of multiple side-effects. The slow natural action of the oils is a cause for many side-benefits.

So Deep Blue Rub helps pain, inflammation, chest congestion, plus it has anti-oxidant properties. Essential oils can support you through a healing crisis and in the long run.

Essential oils can even help with emotions, like procrastination, feeling stuck, fear, depression – learn more in our course and get a free essential oil that will help you!

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