Image: Fear Releasing Method

Fear Releasing Method


My body had been “speaking” to me for actually a few years. I ignored the random hip pain, neck aches and shoulder strain. I kept pushing through because people counted on me to “show up”. I pushed through because I had made a commitment. I pushed through because I was suppose to be living my dream. I didn’t want to anything to change. But things were changing, the random aches weren’t so random anymore and I was taking Motrin daily. But still I resisted change. Even with daily pain, I kept doing what I did. When I thought about changing work, my stomach clutched. Then it happened. My body had a break down and I was in the emergency room. Nothing was touching the intense pain. Neurontin helped finally but the side effects were terrible and I began to seriously consider the possibility of needing something to change.

The first thing I did was complete a Fear Releasing course. Pain was unable to motivate me to change when fear held me back – that is until pain put me flat on my back. I decided not to allow that to happen again. And I learned so much in the course I took that I became certified in the Fear Releasing Method.

I learned there are 7 primary fears and the Fear of Change is only one of them. There is a free Fear Quiz to identify what primary fear might be active in your life. Are you ready to release old fear patterns that hold you back from listening to your body and moving forward in your life? Then check it out!


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