Image: Hershey


My daily walk is more like trudging today and I’m sweating after only a short distance in another 10 inches of heavy wet snow. My husbands dog Hershey is enjoying playing in the snow and is running circles around me with her tail cocked. Then the way she dives into a snowbank makes me chuckle out loud. This helps add perspective to take joy in all things each day. But it’s mid-March and I think we just the broke the snowfall record for our area set in the 1800’s, so it’s easy to think ‘enough is enough’.

This is not the first time I’ve struggled with ‘enough is enough’. The thought has come up in other areas of life that were “record breaking”, like last years exacerbation of chronic pain. I notice the connection particularly today because weather changes have always meant an onslaught of painful sinus headaches. And I feel the pressure trying to bud into a headache. But this year I have a secret weapon. I applied Deep Blue rub on my shoulders, neck, up into my hairline and on my temples. Not knowing if it would work. In 5 minutes the pressure was 90% gone. (Deep Blue is an essential oil pain relief blend).

Hurray! Everything is cancelled, so what else are snow days good for … cool, I’ve got a whole day to invest in writing the book I’m about half way through. Got to get going … it’s going to be a productive day after all!


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