Video: Epigenetics

Epigenetics might have one day been thought of as science fiction but Dr. Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) and others show how the environment around cells in the human body effect gene expression. Yep, you may have the cancer gene but it can be turned on or turned off by what’s floating around in your body fluids – every thought and emotion has a physical chemical message (often called hormones – as in the stress hormone) and has the opportunity to affect genetic expression and your overall health! Cool huh?!


2 thoughts on “Video: Epigenetics

  1. This is awesome Becky! Have you heard of psych-k or have you been trained in it? This is where I first encountered Bruce Lipton. Most amazing stuff! This is why I see patterns in my kids and from my parents– and I know I can heal both forward and backward. Life is beautiful, there is always hope!

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