RedButton  BUTTON

B = Bad News

U = Used

T = Terrorized

T = Tempted

O = Overwhelmed

N = Negative

What pushes your button? You know … that automatic reaction that seems to well up in you before you can even think! Someone stares at you in the mall. Another person drives slow in the passing lane. A person thinks sports are a waste of time.

We all have old saved neuromuscular patterns that are triggered by events that are innocuous to others. Why? Many times it’s from our past, when experienced or perceived an injury or threat of some type – our survival system subconsciously made sure we remembered the past event and thus created a “button”. The button may have been helpful in the past but no longer serves us and actually may be quite draining.

It is possible to re-create neuromuscular subconscious programming and reduce or remove the old trigger buttons. They literally show up as hard spots in the body and the hard spot/button can be released by someone trained in professional bodywork.

Start the new year by becoming a new you, and re-define what those button’s do!

B = Beautiful

U = Unique

T = Terrific

T = Toned

O = Opportunity

N = Neighborly


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