A Christmas Plan

The holiday season would overwhelm me until a simple plan formed that I’ve followed the past several years. The plan starts the weekend after Thanksgiving and follows for the next 4 weekends until Christmas. These also happen to be Advent weeks and so I’ll refer to them with that term.

Advent Week One: Complete Christmas shopping and Christmas cards.

Advent Week Two: Decorate Outdoors and Clean Indoors.

Advent Week Three: Decorate Indoors and Bake.

Advent Week Four: Wrap Presents and prepare to celebrate!

Each day of any given week, I will spend 20 minutes to an hour on the task for the week, maybe writing 5 or 10 Christmas cards each day during week one for example. This helps to keep overwhelm at bay and allows the fun of the season to be activated.

What’s your holiday tips to keep stress away and joy in each day?