How is your refrigerator?

“It’s fine, I mean it has some spills that need cleaning and maybe some cold spots but otherwise it’s fine.”

Good. So it’s Ok if we move it a little and look into the areas we don’t normally look at, just to make sure it keeps working good for you?

(A bit more hesitant) “I guess so.”

Moving the refrigerator and looking at the back of it, you find dust filling the coils, which reduces efficiency and shortens the refrigerator’s lifespan. Under the refrigerator is a build up of “gunk” that is an ideal breeding ground for bugs, fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

There are a couple of ways people respond …
Person 1 – Reactive, blame, avoidance:  “Yuck, why did you even suggest to move it, put it back, it’s fine.”
Person 2 – Proactive awareness, problem solving: “Whoa, I had no idea, let’s clean this up so my refrigerator will keep working fine.”


Obviously, the refrigerator is a metaphor for your body. Are you more like person 1 or person 2?

This message is an encouragement to have an attitude that is proactive and problem solving, to bravely look into the “corners” of your own self.

Having concern for yourself, cultivating awareness and having the willingness to clean up hidden stresses which have built up in your body will allow you to “run efficiently now and in the long run!”

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