What do you do?

What do you do? That is one of the hardest and yet most important question I can answer for you.

What do you do? I offer safe, natural, holistic pain relief options for women to assist with body balance which will give you an edge in exercise, athletics, and life.

How is that different than massage or physical therapy? Massage focuses on the soft tissue and physical therapy focuses on the area of pain. My system focuses on locating where your body is storing stress, i.e. where there is a hard spot that becomes a pivot point which the body moves around rather than fluidly moving through! AND that hard spot may be located in muscle, fascia, bone, viscera, or the fluid system of the body. It may also be located at a distance from where pain is being felt, yet once the far away spot is released, the pain goes away!

How do I know when to come to you? When you have chronic aches or you want an additional edge for your sports like running or horse back riding, come and see me! Don’t wait until your body has compensated for pain or tightness and causes wear and tear that will require surgery or medication down the road. Your life is worth living now!

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