Image: The Problem with Pharmaceuticals

The Problem with Pharmaceuticals

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The problem with pharmaceuticals: When I received my chronic pain diagnosis, I also received a prescription, not for traditional pain pills as you might think, but for Neurontin, due to it’s ability to act as an “anti-seizure” drug for peripheral sensory (pain) nerves. Since my pain would flare sometimes to a 10/10, and the prescription worked, I was almost panicky when nearing re-fill time. The pain relief was so important, I initially dismissed the drugs side-effects. But after a few months, the side-effects (tearfulness, liquid bowel movements about 20x a day, weight gain, and others) were a real drag and I wondered if there were other options. The prescription did bring me out of a crisis and I was pleased about that, but I wanted more options to go prescription free. I discovered more options when I discovered doTERRA essential oils. I began taking the daily Lifelong Wellness supplements to build my immune system, Zendocrine for mouth pain, On-Guard for detoxing, Slim and Sassy to help with weight loss, and Past Tense Roll on and Deep Blue rub for head, muscle and joint pains. I’m happy to say I am receiving the “side benefits” from the essential oils and I’m no longer on any prescriptions!


One thought on “Image: The Problem with Pharmaceuticals

  1. How would you react if took an antibiotic to clear up an infection but in return ended up with nerve damage and chronic pain? Yikes, is that possible? Here’s my excerpt from The Right Step’s Facebook page (

    “I’m so pleased about using and offering natural methods to improve my immune system – because of detoxing, bodywork to help the lymphatic system, and On-Guard essential oil blend (can be diffused, rubbed on the chest or taken internally to cut symptoms of cold/flues), I have minimal sinus issues and allergies are 90% gone!

    And then I’m really hoping others are aware of options when I read this… “Antibiotics have been a godsend to our ability to thwart illness, but they do have collateral damage. We have always known this, but it is becoming increasingly recognized.” Taken from an article on antibiotics and neuropathy from Medscape!

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