Link: More Research on Stress, the Body, and the RR

More Research on Stress, the Body, and the RR

Some tidbits from the research in the web-link above:

– The relaxation response (RR) is a physiological and psychological state opposite to the stress or fight-or-flight response.

– RR elicitation is an effective therapeutic intervention that counteracts the adverse clinical effects of stress in disorders including hypertension, anxiety, insomnia and aging, but the underlying molecular mechanisms that explain these clinical benefits were previously undefined.

– The research review in the study link provided above illumines that the Relaxation Response may, particularly after long-term practice, evoke the downstream health benefits by improving mitochondrial energy production and utilization and thus promoting mitochondrial resiliency through upregulation of ATPase and insulin function.

Bodywork is a great option to break thru body held stress patterns and elicit the Relaxation Response!  Treat yourself to a session this month!

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