Body Work


Body work on the human body is quite a bit different than fixing a dent in a car (or truck)!!!

    • About 2% of information to and from the brain occurs thru electrical nerve transmission synapse to synapse and 98% occurs thru chemical hormone and neuropeptide cell receptors located throughout the brain and body.
    • Your body is contained in a 3-dimensional continuous matrix that surrounds everything (bone, muscle and organ) called fascia. Fascia is made up of collagen, elastic and surrounded by body fluid simply called “ground substance”. Strolling Under The Skin is a good video showing live fascia:
    • Any force in your body (i.e. accidental slips, falls, bumps) can cause the fascia to offer “support” to that area of the body by forming cross links. Normally the collagen slides and glides but cross links tie down an area of the body creating pivot points which your body must compensate by moving around these areas.
    • The liquid body “ground substance” piece of fasica is a colloid – simply meaning that increased force (i.e. a trauma to the body) causes it to become thicker (i.e. creates a hard spot). Cornstarch and water is a colloid – stir it slowly with little force and it’s a liquid but add force and it becomes thick and hard. Here is a fun YouTube demonstration of this concept:
    • The areas of fascial cross links and thickened ground substance impedes the flow of chemical hormones and neuropeptides and can put pressure on nerves. This impairs your body’s information communication system (like what cells need energy or where the immune system is suppose to provide defense).
    • Our Manual Medicine Body Work techniques find the hard pivot points and we apply a gentle pressure, so your body can release the tension, open lines of communication and line up properly.
    • The result is more energy efficient use of your bone and musle structure, less compensation around pivot points, decreased wear and tear on joints, and a healthier, happier you!

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