Bandit and the Chickadee

ImageBandit is enjoying his day in the sun – he is a barn cat and I appreciate his mousing abilities but yesterday he caught a Chickadee and that called for “intervention”!  Bandit’s attention was redirected and the little bird flew to a nearby fence about 3 feet away, balancing precariously on a rail. Wet feathers fluffing, it did something unusual – it started to sing. Now mind you, it was NOT out of danger, and Bandit was decidedly getting anxious to find “sport” again. It took a bit of time and finally the little bird flew to a nearby bush at a much safer height.

This is like a key release in a bodywork session, where it feels like finally being removed from the jaws of bandit (that tight area that steals your health).  Afterwards, your body relaxes, and like the Chickadee, it can take time to get moving again.

Time is healing.  And at The Right Step, we’re here to facilitate your safe flight to a new level.

Be patient with yourself and enjoy your journey!

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