Toxic …

Why talk about toxin’s when I focus on body work? Because the body will not have long lasting health or a good relaxation response to body work if your cellular tissues are toxic!

On in the middle of the “About Becky” page, I’ve mentioned detoxing with the Zeolite supplement and the On-Guard Essential Oil.

Let’s start with a basic definition of what I mean by toxic, because there are environmental toxins, heavy metal toxins (aluminum, lead, mercury), physiological toxins (bad viruses and bacteria’s), and even toxic relationships …

It’s beyond this post to talk about all of these, so today, we will look into de-toxing the heavy metals from your body – primarily aluminum! To keep the blog brief, I’ll post a quick link to Aluminum Toxicity –

According to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) magnesium deficiency has shown to be associated with high contents of aluminum in the brain.

How does aluminum get into our brain? This is the info I found … If you drink soda from a can, use antiperspirant deodorant, take antacids, cook from aluminum pots, use aluminum foil, drink tap water, or breath in air pollution, you are ingesting aluminum.

Did you know Magnesium has many benefits for your body: relaxing cramped muscles, easing athletic injury, reducing fatigue, promoting restful sleep, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and when combined with Malic Acid, it can  bind aluminum and flush it from the body! My favorite Magnesium to recommend to you comes from Jigsaw Health (and no I don’t get paid to share this with you) –

Try a 3-fold plan to detoxing with Zeolite, On-Guard, and Magnesium and let us know how it works for you!  I bet your next bodywork session will be even more relaxing and have longer lasting results than ever before!


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