Image: Friend or Foe? It’s all in what you THINK!

Friend or Foe? It's all in what you THINK!

It’s all in what you THINK!

Is the dandelion really our enemy? Maybe if you think in terms of a beautiful lawn. But it is also unusually nutritious and has been used in salads, teas, and treatment for the gall bladder and liver, joint pain and as an anti-diuretic. I perused a book titled “The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine”!  Every part of the dandelion is edible and heathy! In a survival situation, we’d be thankful for this simple plant…

Gathering more information before making judgements, allowing ourselves to consider other angles to common perceptions, is an effective life skill and coping strategy for stress! It’s called Cognitive Reframing!

My “Dandelion” moment – using Cognitive Reframing for a common nuisance at my house:  Like dandelions in a neat lawn, I complain and feel angry about dirt tracked in on my kitchen floor … but there’s a bigger picture I can choose to consider to help release the negative resentful feelings … just like in considering the health benefits of the dandelion, I can be 1) thankful for a floor to sweep because I have a home to live in, 2) thankful for a lifestyle in the country on a beautiful quiet dirt road, and 3) thankful for a husband who happily works hours outdoors (and admittedly who does help with sweeping sometimes).

Is there a Dandelion moment in your life too – remember you have a choice on how you think about things. You have the power to turn some of life’s foes into friends with cognitive reframing!


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